jueves, 26 de julio de 2012

The Dark Knight, Ice Age, To Rome with Love, & Safety Not Guaranteed

It's been a while but here it is!

Episode 5: The Dark Knight, Ice Age, & 2 others.

I hope the reviews are useful, in any way, on your next trip to the movies. Like I said there, and if you just want an overall conclusion of the podcast here it is:

Ice Age: Continental Drift ~ Better avoid unless you have kids and the little bastards won't leave you alone or shut up for 5 seconds.

Only as retarded as he looks...

To Rome With Love ~ Confusing, funny, weird, unexpected... yeah, overall a good movie, definitely a Woody Allen movie, to help you kill an hour and a half.

Safety Not Guaranteed ~ Smart, funny, beautiful movie that you can't miss!

The Dark Knight Rises ~ Blockbuster of the week, but also pretty good as a movie to end a trilogy. Go see it!

That's all for now but, do not fear, I will be back with more shiz and stuff!

Skadi ~

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