viernes, 29 de junio de 2012


Since I started posting my podcasts I was kind of uneasy about stuff I said, and I do NOT mean 'f*ck!ing', I stand by it, although it was an improper word, sorry! Well, as I was saying, there had been shiz I said I wasn't sure about. As I was folding my underwear I realized at least one of them.

Prometheus and Snow White: I mentioned they were filmed in Ireland, which is not true and after the post I still couldn't remember the name of the country, but I knew I was wrong. The country it was filmed is part of the UK (God knows the name) at least that one shot that both movies share.

Brave: Apparently the chick who gives voice to Merida IS Scottish. Regardless, she still has the most forced accent in the movie to me. It just doesn't sound natural and fluid. It could be that I'm too used to the American accent, but I have to say, I can recognize accents easily when they come naturally (southern, east coast, canadian, british ~ although I still have a little difficulty differencing between british and australian accents). So, I don't know! I was wrong, but I stand by the accent issue. >_>"

Ok, so those are all I can remember for now and I'll posting on movies' stuff and such.

'Til next time!

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