martes, 26 de junio de 2012

Episodes 1 and 2!

Ok, so... This is the blog for my podcast After the Premiere.

I was supposed to be released a week ago when the first podcast was up, but I guess better late than never, haha. Not the best philosophy, I know. Also, I'll use this space to 'expand' the podcast content.

To listen to it click on the following links:

Episode 1: Hello, This is an Intro.  A bit of what the podcast is about, some rambling. Movies: The Avengers (3D and IMax 3D) ~ Men in Black 3 (3D) ~ Madagascar 3 (3D) ~ Prometheus (3D) ~ Rock of Ages ~ Snow White and the Huntsman.

Episode 2: Hopefully a Little Less Nervous.  A tiny bit more order on the reviews/criticism. Movies: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (3D) ~ Brave ~ Moonrise Kingdom

Comments and any observations or criticism ---> post here! as in... the comment part of the blog.

Also... Well, thanks a LOT! For listening, I hope my voice is not too annoying or something like that :x

Skadi <3

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